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Application for user registration (resting rooms for women, Building No. 1, No. 3, and No. 5 of the Faculty of Medicine)

Name in kana: (Example: とうきょう はなこ)
Name: (Example: Hanako Tokyo)

Department: (Major/Center of study, etc.)

(undergraduate students please enter your department of study)
(Example: School of Integrated Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine)
Classroom name:
(undergraduate students please enter your year of study for 2023)

Student ID no.:

Building in which your classroom is located:
(In principle, please use the resting room closest to your classroom, but you may use the available resting rooms in any other building, if necessary.)

(Please provide your email address either or Other addresses are not acceptable.)
Emergency contact information:
(please enter your extension number in the research center or your cell phone number)
Main purpose of use:
Anticipated frequency of use and use period
Comments/Special requests

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