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Utilization process flow (resting rooms for women, Building No. 1, No. 3, and No. 5 of the Faculty of Medicine)

Please read the Terms of Use thoroughly.


If you would like to utilize the resting rooms for women, please confirm your eligibility and apply online for user registration.


Screening and user registration (General Affairs Office)

The General Affairs Office will verify the eligibility of members of the relevant research or academic division to use the facilities and will carry out user registration.
Registered users will be notified individually regarding the security code required to enter the facilities.


Usage of the facilities (restricted to those who have completed registration procedures)

You may use the facilities for the following purposes:

  1. To rest for a short period of time when feeling tired or unwell—for example, if you are pregnant, have just given birth, or are suffering from menstrual discomfort, period pain or other symptoms associated with illnesses peculiar to women.
  2. To express and store breast milk

(Please also read the Terms of Use thoroughly)

Contact information: The General Affairs Office of the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine.
E-mail address:
(Please replace the two-byte "@" mark with one-byte.)


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